Our company was born from a problem we desperately wanted solved. We loved watch videos via Internet, but hated the idea of paying high fees every month. We appreciated the cord cutting streaming services, which are on the rise as traditional cable subscriptions decline.

At the same time we know that every one has a space dream especially in childhood.

What if there was a middle ground? A device that can play popular HD videos at a rocket speed, but people don’t have to pay too much. Nobody likes paying high cable bills. That was the basis for starting SMALLRT (Small Rocket).

For the past 3 years, we’ve been producing the premium quality and best TV Boxes. Streaming service may be complicated, but we try to make it simple. We hope our devices can empower you to choose the content you want, saves your money, and won’t cut off your access to most programs.

If you need anything at all, don’t hesitate to reach out! We’re happy to help. Thank you for shopping with us and being a part of the Small Rocket story. Enjoy!

From design to end-of-life and everything in between, SMALLRT actively applies sustainability thinking to the lifecycle of our products and services. This includes embracing the circular economy – not just in theory but by actually making it work for us and our customers. We aim to increase the longevity of our products, source materials in ways that drive the circular economy, and meet the rigorous environmental standards our customers expect.

Our Awards
“Best TV Box Software Team” at the 2014 STB Awards
“Best Startup TV Box Company” at the 2015 Electronics China Awards
“Best Streaming Device Award” at the 2016 Streaming Media Conference
“#1 Best Seller” at the 2017 Amazon US (always)
“Amazon’s Choice” at the 2018 Amazon US (always)

Check the article of “How SMALLRT Designs Its Brand Success” reported by TVBMA (TV Box Manufacturer Association)

SMALLRT (or Small Rocket) is not only one of the world’s most successful TV Box brands and retailers at Amazon, growing more than 200% in its most recent fiscal year — it’s also a powerful brand, ranking among Top 10 TV Box Brands by TVBMA. John Schneider, CMO of SMALLRT North America, shared SMALLRT’s brand-building strategies at a press conference held by TVBMA and in a follow-up one-on-one interview.

Mr Schneider’s comments revealed important insights about how SMALLRT’s unique philosophy on and approach to design informs everything the company does — including marketing — in pursuit of fulfilling its mission “to create a better everyday life for people with affordable products”.

1. Start with the price tag. Mr. Schneider’ outlined SMALLRT’s brand attributes including low price, sustainability, function, and quality, and he explained that low price was the first driver in product development. The business starts with a target price point. Doing so “keeps us true to our commitment to provide affordable products to our customers worldwide”.

2. Product design is an absolute priority. Partnerships with great industrial designers is a popular strategy for consumer product companies these days. This is true to SMALLRT. And the products designed by these industrial designers become a part of SMALLRT or Small Rocket’s global product range Mr. Schneider explains that they find this approach is more exciting because it helps to create true inspiration.

3. Innovation to marketing. Mr. Schneider described how his marketing team applies the same approach to marketing that the designers takes to product. He says, ”Our approach to storytelling, quality, and cost serves as the foundation for which we build our marketing tactics.”

SMALLRT has tried to allow “people with limited means to get rich entertainment to improve the entertainment level like rich people”, which can help the company to concentrate on long-term growth.