Plex channels are managed from your Plex media server. Once they’re set up on the server, you can access them from any of your Plex clients including your streaming device, smartphone or tablet.

No matter what Plex client you choose, I find the easiest way to manage my Plex server is through a web browser.

My main Plex server is a Windows 10 PC which serves up the media files stored on my NAS (Network Accessible Storage). Since I want to take you through how to add channels to Plex from start to finish, I’ll be using a completely blank server. In this case, I’ve already signed in to the media server on my NVIDIA Shield TV.

There’s a basic tutorial on for installing Plex Channels, but I think it leaves out a lot of the details.

The Channels menu is located on the left sidebar, under the Online Content heading. You’ll also find anything you’ve tagged for later viewing, as well as any recommendations under this subheading.

Once you get to the Channels page, you’ll see a list of Plex Channels that you’ve installed (if any). Our page is completely blank, but don’t worry – we’ll fix that.

Let’s install some channels.

Once you click on the orange Install Channels button, you’re taken to the Channel Directory.

From here you can look at the most popular channels or browse by different media types, new channels or channels that were recently updated.

By clicking on the channel’s icon, you get a pop-up blurb with a brief description of the channel and the type of content you can expect from it. In my case, I’m installing the CBC channel.

As you might have guessed, you can install any Plex channel by clicking on the big orange Install button from the pop-up description box. Installation normally only takes a few seconds, depending on your Internet speed.

Once the channel is installed, the description box will have a couple of new options: BrowseUpdate and Uninstall.

Browse will be slightly different for each channel. Depending on what content is available, you’ll be able to look at clips, trailers or full episodes. For example, in The CW channel, I can see full episodes for any current TV show.

Update will check to see if there are any updates for this particular channel. There’s a better way to keep your channels updated, and we’ll get to that later.

Uninstall will remove the channel from your server. You can also do this from the Channels page by clicking on the little red X on the icon.

Remember that better way to update your channels? If you go back to the Channels page, you’ll see a grey button that says Check For Updates. This will check if there are any updates available for all of the channels that you’ve installed. This is much faster than going in to each channel individually and checking for updates within the description box.

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