1. Download the firmware and SD tool.

SMALLRT X1 Firmware download here  (Please contact with the sales to get the latest firmware.)

SD tool download here

2. Unzip the files on your computer desk.

3. Insert the SD card into your computer.

4. Double-click the SD tool file , and then open the SD_Firmware_Tool.exe file . It will show a window like below: 

  • First: Here you choose the SD card which you use to flash
  • Second: Default choice is Upgrade Firmware
  • Third: Choose the firmware you will use
  • Fourth: Don’t need to operate

5. Click the Create button, and choose“是(Y)”.

6. It will show the window as below.

The creating upgrade disk is OK.

7. Unplug the SD card from your computer and insert it in the TF card slot on your SMALLRT X1 TV box. Then connect the HDMI cable, and plug the power at last.

 8. Installing system update

 9. When it shows the following page, remove the SDcard.

10. Finished. Wait for boot up.

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