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  • NEXBOX A95X has gained a high reputation for its small and elegant appearance and powerful function among the users, and for a better user experience, the NEXBOX  team offered an instruction of Kodi addons download and update, they always try to do something user friendly. Following are the steps:

    Step 1    Boot up the box and find KodiCenter on the desk, open itDesk

    Step 2    It shows like this when KodiCenter opens                               “All” for all kinds of the addons; “Live””for the live addons; “Sport”for the sport addons; “Movie” for the movie addons; “Cartoon” for the cartoon addons.KodiCenter

    Step 3   Download & install addons                                                   Download cCloud TV as an example. In the center of the addon icon, there is a sign}(N2SK)6LQGXR%6GH{(FP1R , click it then begin the downloading. The pinkish red line is progress bar. cCloud TV

    progress bar

    Step 4    Close KodiCenter when it finishes downloading. Open Kodi and you will find cCloud TV has been installed.                                  ++PS: About addons upgrade

    Kodi will check the new version and upgrade automatically if there is any addons need to be upgraded.

    “no update” shows it is the newest version. If there is an update notice, just click to download the new version.no update

    How to Install Kodi Addons for NEXBOX A95X

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