After tones of feedbacks, Amlogic finds out that most of their TV box users do not need the specification 4K@60fps at all.

Amlogic wants a cost effective SoC in the market to fight against RK3229, for this very reason, they decided to have 4K@60fps resolution spec removed. Hence limiting frames per second rate to 4K@30fps instead.

To be simple:
S905W: 4K@30fps
S905X:   4K@60fps (of course better, but a little higher price)

Why is Amlogic S905W releasaed?  Amlogic have being somewhat lacking in the race for the cheapest android TV box SOC lately, we believe this is an attempt to out pace the 3229 SOC by Rockchip – Amlogic have simply tweaked the S905 so that it now can only handle 4K at 30fps rather than 60fps that we see on the S905X, this ultimately makes this SOC cheaper to produce, but limits it’s potential.

To be simple, S905W is designed to beat RK3229 in low price market.

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