Amlogic S905X is hot at the moment, and it is said to be released in a few weeks.

S905X is a cost effective model based on S905, the greatest spotlight is that S905X supports VP9 decoding while S905 not.

(Both of them support H.265, Click to see H.265 vs VP9, which one is better for 4K video)

Another one is the price. As a newer model, S905X has better performance, however, the price is same or a little lower.

Last,  S905X is tailored to Android 6.0, while  S905 is for Android 5.1, and our Android 6.0 S905X models are SMALLRT X2 and SMALLRT X3.

To be simple, we conclude it in a chart:

S905X pk S905

Check more differences between the 2 models:

The difference between Amlogic S905, S905X and S912:


 Say again, our Android 6.0 S905X models are SMALLRT X2 and SMALLRT X3.

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