Believe it or not, 2017 is the year that TV Box rises rapidly and gets very popular in the global market. Which TV Box or network set-top box is best for you? Three standards to choose a TV Box should be remembered recommended to you.

  1. Heat Dissipation. Now, with the pursuit of good-looking appearance of TV box shape, the fuselage is getting smaller and smaller, then the heat dissipation is a big problem that can not be ignored, especially in summer. If the heat dissipation is not good enough, the box will get hot and problem may be serious, crash and a series of problems such as black screen will happen.
  1. HD Video Playback Experience. The CPU is the most important part of a TV Box, and it can decide the running speed of a box in a deep degree. Of course, RAM and storage are the factors buyers should consider. Many brands are promoting 3+32GB or even 4+32GB devices now.
  2. User friendly. No need to say, an user friendly TV Box make users pleasant when playing games or watching videos. Such boxes can bring the brand good reputation, and more potential customers, because people always introduce their friends and colleagues to buy a same brand’s products.

We have to admit that we notice SMALLRT TV Box cooling is done design in a circle in the periphery of the box, and the box itself can help faster cooling and heat conduction, very humane. And it is said that their boxes have been tested for heat resistance, with internal special designs for heat dissipation. Many people directly buy SMALLRT box for experiencing TVMC. Turn the SMALLRT box, first entered the video application and open the video immediately. There is no advertising in the whole process, without waiting. As for user friendly, SMALLRT used to spend 6 months to create and improve its patented remote control, just for a better user experience.

Here are some models that rock the market in 2017:

Above all, we recommend all the models from SMALLRT.

1. SMALLRT X1, Android 6.0 Smart TV Box Supports True 4K Playing Perfect For Home Entertainment

2. SMALLRT X2, Amlogic S905X Quad Core 1GB RAM 8GB ROM Smart Box Supports 4K HD H.265 and VP9 Decoding

3. SMALLRT X3, Android 6.0 TV BOX SMALLRT X3 Amlogic S905X Quad Core 2GB RAM 16GB ROM with LED Display Signal Enhancement Antenna 4K Player

Besides, we prefer to the following models with great customer feedback:

NEXBOX A95X TV Box Android 6.0 Amlogic S905X Quad Core 4K Media Player

NEXBOX A1 S912 Octo-core 2GHz ARM Cortex-A53 64-bit 2GB 16GB Android 6.0 TV Box

DOLAMEE D5 Android TV Box 1G DDR3 RAM 8G ROM Support 4K Ultra HD TV BOX

YUNDOO Y8 TV Box,64 bit CPU RK3399 Chipset,4GB RAM + 32GB ROM


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